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Watch out for that tree!

Hello All, This coming Sunday, the 2nd of July, looks to be an excellent opportunity for a cook out. The weather forecast is for warm (but not hot), mostly sunny afternoon. As soon as I saw that forecast, I decided that not to look any further. Let's crank up the grill about 3 p.m. The club will provide hot dogs, buns, and condiments. Please bring your own drinks and a side dish you can share. We'll try to wedge a very short business meeting in there sometime about 4 p.m. Now I know some of you will say, "But I'm having a family get together that day!" Think about it; will your family let you fly your latest creation at their cook out? Of course not! But we will. Finally, I have found Josh and Anthony's next project. It should keep them busy for a while. "Britains 'Iron Man' breaks his own jet suit speed record" - filming with Reuters Original video uploaded by Reuters here: (Apologies for the re-upload, longer version of the video wasn't great quality ... Cheers, John

Hello All, We're just two days away from the Bridgeport Family Day, this Thursday, the 22nd. As Jerry pointed out in his e-mail, this was a great opportunity to show off our hobby to the public. We will have plenty of room to fly park flyers and smaller models, and static displays of larger models would be welcome (who could fail to be impressed by an idling Saito?). The event announcement says the event runs from 5 to 8 p.m., and the weather looks to be very good. What more could we ask for? Hope to see you there. Cheers, John

Hello All, The weather forecast for Thursday afternoon looks pretty good. An ideal opportunity to slip away for a quiet afternoon's aeromodelling. Of course, just how quiet our model can be is up for debate. Check out the video below of the control line pulse jet. Now, these things are loud! When I saw my first one in the early 1960s, I was motivated to hide behind the door of my dad's car, just from the ear-splitting din these things create. Control line pulse jet speed flight Controlline pulse jet explained and demo'd by Rob Fry, Controlline Aeromodellers Westralia field Randy and I will have the field mowed that day, so come on out any time after 5 pm (we will start mowing about 3 pm). Hope to see you there. Cheers, John

Hello All, I know it's hard to believe, but it looks like tomorrow's (Sunday) weather will be good enough to get some flying in. I'll be showing up late, around 4 pm, but the weather should be "good" from noon onward. Hope to see you at the field. Of course, if model flying is getting a little boring for you, you could always try wingsuit racing (yes, that really is a "thing"): Head-to-Head Wingsuit Slalom Racing | Red Bull Aces 2016 Click for POV video from the race: Red Bull Aces features wingsuit pilots wearing special jumpsuits that shape the human body into an... Cheers, John

Hello All, This coming Sunday, the 2nd of April, looks to be a wonderful opportunity to hold a meeting. How about 4 p.m.? Oh, it could be a good day to do some flying as well! As a bit of serendipity, the road is quite good shape, navigable by anything taller than an Indy car. I must admit I was more than a little surprised, but one shouldn't look into the mouth of a gifted horse. Some of the topics up for discussion include the first cook out of the season (always an important topic), field maintenance, constitution updates (for the club, not the nation), flying events, and a budget for future equipment purchases. Okay, it's not thrilling, but it will be mercifully short. One of the topics up for discussion will be this year's mowing. Included below is a short video of our mowing escapades last year. Minion Mini Movie Mower Look forward to seeing you this Sunday. Cheers, John

Club members John Alsbrooks and Joshua Shreve took advantage of the nice weather to madien a new wing and quad, and get practice chasing each other around as well!

During our last meeting at the church, WV Rotorsports held their first official indoor Micro FPV Tiny Whoop race. Even though it was a little darker than expected with the blacklight gates the pilots had a good time! Final Standings: 1: Nathan Conley 2: Anthony Donzella 3: Derek L King 4: Joshua Shreve 5: Anthony Svingos 6: Rob Linger 7: David Nicholas 8: Lauren Farrell

Our drone racing group WV Rotorsports is raising funds to improve the race course and run bigger and better race events next season. Help out by making a donation and sharing the link below to spread the word! Any donation will help, we appreciate the support!

Hello All, First of all, thanks to all of you who came out to join us on the first of the year. What a splendid day. We are fortunate to have the hall of the Clarksburg First United Methodist Church available to us at 4 p.m. this coming Sunday, the 8th of January. Please come out and fill the air with flying machines. By the way, when it looks like everyone is having a good time, we'll interrupt the proceedings with the monthly business meeting. How can you resist this opportunity? See you there! Cheers, John

Hello All, To many people, this coming Sunday will simply be the start of yet another year. Too bad for them! What they don't realize is that that this Sunday, 1 January 2017, is the start of the CMAC 2017 Flying Season! Starting at noon, we'll have coffee, hot chocolate, and wonderful opportunities to fly that new model you got yourself for Christmas. We've checked about a dozen different weather forecasts, and based on their definitive projections, you should bring your snow suit / rain suit / bathing suit (delete as appropriate). So shake off that hangover, charge those batteries, and come on out to fly! Cheers, John